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In Google Ads, Why Can’t You “Just Add a New Keyword”?

Well you can, but you’ll pay a lot more for it if you haven’t done the prep work.

The question from the client was “Can we just add this keyword to our campaign?” The problem was that the keyword (a product brand) didn’t exist anywhere on the site. So if we managed to find someone looking for that product brand, we’d have nowhere specific to send them. And if we chose an irrelevant landing page this would push up the cost of the product brand keyword. Continue reading

How To Write Your Press Release – Top Tips From Swindon 105.5

Swindon-105.5-logoSo today was a combined Outset Swindon and Swindon 105.5 event for local businesses, held at the radio station’s offices in Swindon.

Shirley Ludford, the station manager, gave an excellent presentation covering how to use local radio effectively to promote your business to a local audience.
Shirley has an extensive background in broadcasting, which includes working at GWR (now Heart FM) and the BBC. Continue reading

Google’s Pigeon (Local Search Algorithm) Landed Dec 2014

The wise folk across t’internet (such as BrightLocal) began noticing in Dec 2014 that there were changes appearing in local search results. It seems that things are getting a bit tighter geographically.

What does this mean for a local business? Possibly a loss of traffic to the website which can then lead to reduced revenue. (“Possibly” because there are things that can be done to counter this). Continue reading

Yelp reviews – Apparently nothing to do with Yelp ads

Yelp reviews (which are a local SEO factor) occasionally disappear into a pit of doom, never to be seen again. This is known as review filtering.

The theory seems to have been in the past that Yelp’s review filter was somehow tied in with advertising (or not advertising) on Yelp. Allegedly, if you weren’t paying for some Yelp advertising then this review disappearance could possibly be some sort of punishment. A variation of “You’re not playing properly. My bat, my ball. I’m going home”. Continue reading