Local SEO

What is Local Search?

First of all, let's start with an obvious example of a local search:

Pizza Restaurant Swindon

The location indicates this is a local search.

Less obviously, the location might be left out yet Google may still decide that this is a query that deserves locally flavoured results. If you are in Swindon and you type Pizza Restaurant, it's pretty likely you want to eat a pizza in Swindon.

So what is Local SEO?

It is a wide mix of different elements that help your site appear more often in front of people making local searches. This includes:

  • the official information Google contains on your business (such as name, address & phone number)
  • your business information that other businesses list on the internet
  • data (and code) on your website
  • reviews
  • and more (quite a lot more)

Is it important?

It is vitally important to businesses that have, or would like, a local online presence. You may want to increase your business in your location, or in another area.

Without it your site doesn't have the foundation it needs in keeping up with (or beating) the competition.

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