SEO Audit

What's an SEO audit?

In a nutshell, it's a todo list of things to check that either help or hinder your site in the search engine results. This list is as long as your arm and it's still growing as new things appear that need to be checked, such as "Are your web pages mobile friendly?"

It also includes the basics such as how many duplicate sites and pages does your site have and can they be fixed. For example, if your site works with both the www and the non-www without redirecting, you have a duplicate site.

If you are using index.html or a variant then you have a duplicate homepage.

There might be no single item on its own to make a massive difference, but when you add up all the tweaks they can combine to improve your site's performance, visibility and search results.

What do you get from an SEO audit?

Another list! This time it's one that explains what needs doing to your website, why and by whom. Technical details for the developers and layman's terms if technical is not your thing. You can also track progress with it.

Please understand sometimes it's not possible to do everything on the list. Sometimes your content management system (CMS) or your site's back office just doesn't have the ability to support some of the recommended changes. Or perhaps your budget for development work is limited which means you have to focus on certain items.

That's why each item on the list is prioritised.

What happens then?

That depends on how you'd like to continue. The SEO audit results can be handed over and that can be the end of the process with you managing the list.

Alternatively you could engage Bramble Digital for an ongoing SEO service and we work together on your site as an ongoing digital marketing project.

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